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Sustainable Remediation in Action

Sustainable remediation is a holistic approach that incorporates waste reduction, alternative and renewable energy, conservation and recycling of materials and ecological viability. Combining advances in green construction, social responsibility and cost-saving techniques, sustainable remediation ensures that the means of achieving remediation goals are as sustainable as the ends. Read More

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Sustaining a Thriving Port City

The Priority Infrastructure Investment Project will help to alleviate poverty by upgrading infrastructure in low-income communities; restore the environment with flood control, drainage, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities; and support economic growth with new roads and bridges.

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The Directors: Building Trust and Tomorrow's Workforce

Two CDM Smith leaders and American Water Works Association Directors discuss the top issues facing the water industry today, and how open and honest communication with customers can help utilities build trust and deliver better outcomes.

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Time's Toll on U.S. Highways

As a preeminent thought leader on transportation finance and planning, Ed Regan discusses solutions for funding transportation infrastructure―starting by supporting the U.S. interstate highway system.

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Urban Roadway Innovation

We partnered with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to redesign Interstate 40 and nearby interchanges in Knoxville, Tennessee—the largest project in the department’s history. The SmartFIX40 project improved safety, capacity and local access, while respecting neighboring residents and ecosystems.

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Light Rail Solutions for Heavy Congestion

CDM Smith partnered with the Utah Transit Authority to design and implement new, award-winning light rail lines as part of the ambitious FrontLines 2015 program—helping support UTA’s mission of providing a world class transit system to meet a growing population and economy.

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The Bridge to Community Involvement

The Northern Transnational Highway connectivity project is part of a $461 million compact to improve public programs and build new infrastructure that supports its growing and diverse population. This new series of roads and bridges is physically uniting northern El Salvador with the rest of the country to enable new social and economic opportunities.

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Cleaner, Safer Waterways

Remediating contaminated sediments in Portland, Oregon, and Raritan, New Jersey, is a highly sophisticated process that protects public health, the environment and the food chain.

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Industries Managing Energy for Global Innovation

International energy standard ISO 50001 will help private and public organizations around the world transition to long-term energy planning and management. Thirty-two countries participated in developing the standard, which is expected to promote innovation, energy security and cost savings.

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Drinking from the Delta

This $170 million design-build project includes 13 miles of raw water pipeline, 6 miles of treated water pipeline, and a new ozone and pressure-membrane filtration treatment facility.

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