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Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Harvard University’s Allston campus development is a model of environmental stewardship, and our green utility delivery system will provide all thermal, electrical and wet utilities—serving as a model of sustainable design for other institutions and communities. Read More

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Bringing Water Recovery and Reuse to Life

Using advanced membrane technology, this compact, innovative water recovery and recycling facility is helping Frito-Lay's Casa Grande snack food plant reclaim and reuse most of the facility’s process water for other cleaning and production needs—-producing nearly zero waste.

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Driving Transit Consolidation

McDonough County Public Transit’s new repurposed hub is a model of green design that breathed life into a deteriorating community structure, bolstering business operations and service for the community.

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Going for the Green

Chicago’s household hazardous waste drop-off facility—the first-of-its-kind community recycling center to use green technology concepts—is keeping the city on the fast-track to a more sustainable urban environment.

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Reinventing the H.L. Mooney Advanced Water Reclamation Facility

The construction of a new multi-purpose home for the Mooney facility that will revitalize the facility’s image, support a collaborative and state-of-the-art work environment, and educate the Chesapeake Bay community about environmental stewardship

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Making Room for the Future

Opening a new book in school design, we are providing the planning, design and construction oversight for 128 new or rehabilitated schools in Jordan—enhancing the learning experience, making better use of available space, and increasing overall functionality for students and the community.

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Mining New Nuclear Solutions

A former iron ore mine in Germany is being converted into a repository for radioactive waste. Applying our unique experience in shaft excavation and numerical analysis, we are planning, designing, assessing and supervising site construction to ensure secure, long-term disposal.

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Mountains of Challenges, Enduring Rewards

After an earthquake shook northwest Pakistan, a 5-year, $120 million design-build contract is reconstructing vital health care and educational facilities, rebuilding communities and strengthening their economic well-being, and restoring hope among the millions affected by the disaster.

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One-Stop Shopping on Guam

Delivered through design-build, the new base exchange on Guam’s Anderson Air Force Base offers convenient, one-stop shopping, sustaining the service’s mission to provide for the military community and generate earnings to supplement military morale, welfare, and recreation programs.

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Pedal to the Plastic

Through EPC, CDM Smith designed and built the LANXESS high-performance materials compounding plant in Gastonia, N.C., which met unique technological and architectural constraints.

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