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Sustainable Remediation Publications from the Journal of Environmental Management

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December 08, 2016

Journal of Environmental Management

The Journal of Environmental Management has released Volume 184, with various articles focused on sustainable remediation. CDM Smith employees authored three articles below. Learn more about each article by clicking on the abstract link. Copies can also be given upon request. Happy reading!  

Journal of Environmental ManagementEarly Decision framework for integrating sustainable risk management for complex remediation sites: Drivers, barriers, and performance metrics

CDM Smith authors: Melissa Harclerode, Tamzen Macbeth, Michael Miller, Christopher Gurr and Teri Myers

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Journal of Environmental ManagementEvaluation of the role of risk perception in stakeholder engagement to prevent lead exposure in an urban setting

CDM Smith authors: Melissa Harclerode and Michael Miller

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Journal of Environmental ManagementComparison of international approaches to sustainable remediation

CDM Smith authors: Melissa Harclerode

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