Program Management: Complexity Under Control

Five Questions to Answer Before Investing in a Tablet for Field Work

Our big-data expert, Amol Daxikar, provides five questions to consider before investing in tablets for field work. Read about them here.

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Water for Southern Africa's Landlocked Kingdom

500,000 people in the Kingdom of Lesotho now have access to water thanks to the program management efforts of its government implementing agency and CDM Smith. Building all of its components, including a concrete dam, intake and pump station, water treatment plant, conveyance system, and transmission pipelines required much collaboration between all parties, and the benefits to the citizens, local textile industry, and agriculture have proved worthy of this massive effort.

Complexity Under Control

Complex infrastructure programs present complex challenges. Budget, schedule, quality, risk, procurement, and outreach must be orchestrated. Interlinked, multidisciplinary projects must be managed and monitored. CDM Smith program managers provide the technical expertise needed to achieve our clients’ goals. But above all, we bring complexity under control by building strong, enduring relationships.

  • Responding to a Consent Decree

    Complexity Under Control: Hartford Clean Water Project
Mapping a Smarter Future with Technology

Amy Corriveau
Amy Corriveau, CDM Smith technology leader, discusses the four key questions that utilities must ask to build a smarter future.

10 Steps to Disaster Preparedness
Discover the top 10 steps to successfully manage and mitigate disaster.

  • Seeing the Future: Program Management in the Developing World

    Seeing the Future through Program Management
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